30 Aralık 2009


Aga Zaryan veya Agnieszka Skrzypek
bu kadar geç haberdar olduğum için üzüldüm. bilinçli olarak ilk defa bugün dinledim ve hayran kaldım kendisine.
Zaryan was born in Warsaw, Poland. From early on she traveled widely throughout Europe with her parents (her father being a classical pianist, and her mother an English language educator and author) spending part of her childhood and primary school education in Manchester, UK. In addition to classical works, both of Zaryan's parents shared a passion for the music of Stevie Wonder, Weather Report, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, The Beatles, and various other popular artists. This provided Zaryan with the exposure to a wide range of contemporary music, from an early age.

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